flagAll Nepal Cine Workers Association (ANCWA) was established in 2014 A.D. aiming to promote social, economic and cultural activities in Nepal, through the medium of cinematic art. The main objective of the origination is to pave the path of Nepalese cinema promoting art and culture for up-liftmen of Nepalese society and economy. The association is primarily concerned about preservation of progressive cinema culture and the rights of Nepalese filmmakers.

ANCWA is registered at NG, Chief District Officer's Office, Kathmandu, Nepal under the prevailing law of the land. Any person associated with Nepalese film industry is eligible to obtain the membership of the association according to its statute. The Association, besides protecting the professional rights of the filmmakers in Nepal, organizes debates about cinema, interaction programs, workshops etc. on a regular basis. To organize a monthly film show for the filmmakers where they can discuss about screened film and exchange their ideas and experiences in an agenda of ANCWA. In 2015, ANCWA organized an International Film Workshop (IFW), at Liwang of Rolpa district in mid-western Nepal.

International experts of cinema and well known film personalities from outside Nepal share their experiences of cinema movement during the festival which provided global exposure to Nepalese film makers. Another notable act ANCWA was the production of a documentary about Nepal-China relationship. A recently organised discussion "NEW NEPALI CINEMA: A DEBATE" among Nepali filmmakers, journalists and film critics was efforts of ANCWA, for the new cinema movement in Nepal. ANCWA aims to contribute in the promotion and development of cinema culture based on different social issues that have not effectively addressed in Nepali cinema till now. ANCWA supports filmmakers and their work dealing with issues marginalized culture, human rights violations, rule of law, and concern of proletarian movement raised through their cinema.

Message From Chairman



In the past 51 years, Nepalese film industry has prospered, certainly, but the major part of those involved have yet to see the potential of films other than those solely dedicated to reap profit. As a result, films in Nepal at present are made along similar lines. Action, glamour, romance are the heart of it. Even these films are heavily influenced by Hollywood and Bollywood products. The trend has been there since the dawn of Nepalese films, and there is no sign of it disappearing anytime soon. Nepalese film culture is also not as developed as in other countries; films are not taken seriously but as mere trifles to pass leisure time. Also the majority of the Nepalese audiences is smitten by films from the famed halls of Hollywood and Bollywood, and has little interest towards Nepalese films.

However, the new generation of film makers, and a handful of the industry veterans have tried their hand at breaking the orthodoxy, and making films on social issues and incidents. The problem is that these films have little scope at present. The Nepalese audience is more interested in watching films based on ‘action, glamour and romance’, and only a precious few are even aware that efforts on filming more society-conscious films are being made.
Nepalese cinema is in process of defining itself.

The Nepalese film industry is in a state of transition. Many and many film makers are trying to bring forth a revolution in the industry, and create a new definition of Nepalese films. This has resulted in various speculative, society-conscious and progressive films. Films from all around the globe, creations of some of the most creative and speculative minds of the global film industry, will contribute a lot in the Nepalese film revolution.

International Film Festival of Nepal (IFFON) will be an annual event, and will be organized at different regions of Nepal every year from now on, which is also a means to bring these regions into the limelight and promote region development.

IFFON 2017 will be organized at Dharan, a cultural hub in Eastern Nepal. A coterie of film professionals, artists, critics and journalists will attend the event, and the gala dinner preceding the event.

I make a request of all my Nepalese brothers and sisters to spread the word, to support us by sponsoring the event, and participating in the event if possible.

I request all the artists out there to support IFFON, either by participating, by spreading the word, or by sponsoring the event. IFFON will be greatly honored by your presence.
Thank You


अखिल नेपाल चलचित्रकर्मी सङ्घ, तेस्रो राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलन आयोजक समिति

के पी पाठक : संयोजक
उदय सुब्बा : सहसंयोजक
सविन तोलाङ्गी : सहसंयोजक
सुभाष गजुरेल : का. सदस्य
राजु केसी : का. सदस्य
प्रकाश भट्टराई : का. सदस्य
परशुराम चौधरी : का. सदस्य
कृष्ण प्रसाद ढुङ्गाना : का. सदस्य
विमला केसी : का. सदस्य
रामेश्वर केसी : का. सदस्य
दिनेश लिङ्देन : का. सदस्य
माधव ढुङ्गेल : का. सदस्य
केशव रायमाझी : का. सदस्य
रामेश्वर बुर्लाकोटी : का. सदस्य
डब्बु क्षेत्री : का. सदस्य
सुमनदेव चापागाईं : का. सदस्य
भूपेन्द्र कुमार खड्का : का. सदस्य
कुमार महर्जन : का. सदस्य
प्रमोद भण्डारी : के. सदस्य
पुष्प श्रेष्ठ : के. सदस्य

होम पौडेल : के. सदस्य
दुर्गा नेम्बाङ : के. सदस्य
काशीराम भुसाल : के. सदस्य
हिक्मत थपलिया : के. सदस्य
अविरल कार्की : के. सदस्य
बी. बी. राई : के. सदस्य
आर. बी. लामा : के. सदस्य
राजकुमार लिङदेन : के. सदस्य
कमल प्रसाद शर्मा : के. सदस्य
सागर सुब्बा : के. सदस्य
विजय बस्नेत : के. सदस्य
गोपालचन्द्र लामिछाने : के. सदस्य
सुरेन्द्र केसी : के. सदस्य
आमोद कार्की : के. सदस्य
सोम जिसी : के. सदस्य
शङ्कर प्रसाद दुलाल : के. सदस्य
जीवन पासा : के. सदस्य
मदन घिमिरे कश्यप : के. सदस्य
निर्मल पौडेल : के. सदस्य
गोपाल कायस्थ : के. सदस्य

किशोर भण्डारी : के. सदस्य
इन्द्र दोङ लामा : के. सदस्य
मौनता श्रेष्ठ : के. सदस्य
विष्णु सापकोटा : के. सदस्य
कुमार श्रेष्ठ : के. सदस्य
सुशील श्रेष्ठ : के. सदस्य
देवेन्द्र गिरी हुरहुर : के. सदस्य
नीतु गौतम : के. सदस्य
मनोज कुमार वस्ती : के. सदस्य
नारायण प्रसाद मैनाली : के. सदस्य
राहुल जेट्ली (राजेश श्रेष्ठ) : के. सदस्य
यादव वैरागी : के. सदस्य
निरज कँडेल : के. सदस्य
बद्रीकृष्ण श्रेष्ठ : के. सदस्य
नरेन्द्र मैनाली : के. सदस्य
एच.बी. डिकेड : के. सदस्य
रमेश शाही : के. सदस्य
तिलक गौतम : के. सदस्य
धनबहादुर लामा : के. सदस्य
भुवन लामा : के. सदस्य
कमल घर्ती : के. सदस्य

बाबुराम थापा : के. सदस्य
ध्रुवकुमार लिम्बु : के. सदस्य
राजु किराती : के. सदस्य
लीला राई : के. सदस्य
कृष्ण राई : के. सदस्य
दिल प्रकाश याक्सो : के. सदस्य
राम गुरुङ : के. सदस्य
शिरिर तामाङ : के. सदस्य
राजु घिमिरे : के. सदस्य
उषा सुवेदी : के. सदस्य
सदीक्षा ढकाल : के. सदस्य
सीता क्षेत्री : के. सदस्य
महेश राई : के. सदस्य
पुरुषोत्तम पाण्डे : के. सदस्य

माननिय आजिवन सदस्यहरु
शेखर दास (फिल्म निर्देशक, भारत)
सन्नी जोशेफ (फिल्म छायाँकार, भारत)
साफा एलाईसिस हगाग (फिल्म सम्पादक, ईजिप्ट)
शेखर दास (फिल्म निर्देशक, भारत)

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