About Festival

About Festival

iffon-interbnalAbout IFFON
International Film Festival of Nepal (IFFON) is an annual event proposed to be organised by All Nepal Cine Workers Association (ANCWA). The festival will be organised each year at different location of Nepal. This year an inaugural event of the festival is proposed to be organised at Dharan, a cultural hub in Eastern Nepal.

The festival will be a first of such an event to be organised beyond Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. 5 days of the festival will screen more than 30 extraordinary work of cinematic art from around the world. The pro-people progressive cinema made during the previous year will be selected by esteemed panel of selection committee. Along with the festival there will be several parallel events of master classes, workshops and discussions about cinema movement around the world and Nepal.

A fleet of well know cinema personality form around the world and Nepal will attend a red carpet event during opening and gala dinner after the closing ceremony.

During past 51 years, Nepalese film industry has prosper, but you can say it only for financial prosperity. At the moment most of the cinema in Nepal are made along similar lines. Action, glamour, romance are soul of Nepal cinema. Nepali cinema at this moment are heavily influenced by Bollywood most of the time and by Hollywood sometimes. Since dawn of Nepalese cinema the trend continues. The so called main stream of cinema is in no mood of change any sooner unless they are largely intervened by alternative cinema movement.

Nepali cinema people have not flourished themselves in the verse of making Nepali cinema its own identity and flavour in world cinema scenario. Though it’s been tried sometime, serious film making has not been priority in Nepal. Film culture itself has to be developed in right way. Films are not taken seriously in Nepal but are being taken as means of entertainment and some leisure activity.

Majority of Nepalese cinema theaters play Bollywood of Hollywood cinema as they have been more of interest for Nepali cinema going audience. It is common saying among cinema goers in Nepal that Nepali cinema are not worth watching thus they are attracted towards Bollywood or Hollywood cinema.

But lately there has be some intervention. Frequently masses are being attracted towards Nepali cinema as well. Some recent Nepali cinema has been able to able to become first choice before Hollywood of Bollywood cinemas among Nepali cinema goers.

Some serious cinema makers are trying to intervene recently, some of the Nepali cinema has been part of prestigious Film Festivals worldwide and ray of hope is they are being appreciated.

The Festival
Nepal has several film festivals. All the year along several film festival dedicated to Nepali cinema and world cinema as well as documentary films are organised. Some of them has been able to make them notice among world cinema festival fraternity. This festival has been a major platform for Nepali cinema makers to get themselves aware about world cinema movement. Obviously those festivals has played some part in recent positive intervention in Nepali cinema.

Even though there has been several festivals in Nepal, a festival of serious progressive pro people cinema had been a dire need. The festival would be helpful for Nepali cinema fraternity to get some glimpse about progressive pro-people cinema being made around the world. That will motivate Nepali cinema makers to make cinema about marginalized people, about class struggle of country, about discrimination, about so called un-touchability and many of such unique subjects around Nepalese society. It will help to evolve some serious Nepali cinema which will be appreciated around the world.

That is why ANCWA comes forth with International Film Festival of Nepal (IFFON). The festival will showcase pro-people cinema from around world. The motive behind the festival is to motivate Nepali Cinema maker influence to make some serious pro-people progressive cinema.